Hire talented vetted engineers from Eastern Europe

Save time, money, and find great people flying under your competitors' radar

About Unimanto

Recruiting in tech is a long, hard, and often frustrating process. Too many companies in tech hubs chase too few good local engineers spoiled by never-ending generous offers. Our goal is to connect startups with unspoiled Eastern European geniuses who are hungry for challenging tasks and a better life.

How it works for companies

  • Sign up
  • Enter your requirements
  • The system will find relevant candidates
  • Once candidates indicate that they are interested, their information is sent to your hiring pipeline
  • When you get a candidate you like, you can sign a contract with them directly
  • We get paid after the candidate works for you for at least 30 days

How we source candidates

  • We source engineers primarily from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus (~200M people).
  • All candidates go through a technical screening and a thorough technical interview with one of our senior engineers who possess domain-specific expertise.
  • We assess the English level of every candidate. The minimum level of required proficiency is specified by your company.

How we match candidates with companies

  • We compare technical stack, experience, salary requirements, and other parameters of candidates with your company's requirements.
  • We provide candidates with all the information we have about your company so they can decide whether they are interested.
  • You get connected → The candidate impresses you with their skills → You work together thereafter happily for a long time.

Remote work

When hiring remotely, you get higher-level engineers for less money.

Our engineers are normally ready to work under a permanent consultancy contract. After signing the contract, they will invoice you once a month, and you will be paying them via an agreed upon method. You don't have to do anything else legally/organizationally.

Engineers hired remotely pay taxes and other government payments themselves, locally.

We don't employ any of the engineers we find for companies. Once we connect you, you deal with them directly.

Almost all of our engineers live in the UTC +2, 3, 4 time zones.

If you're interested in relocating engineers, no problem. Many engineers are open to relocation, given the right compensation and depending upon location.

Money and terms

We charge 10% of the hired engineer's first-year salary.

We'll invoice you 30 days after you sign a contract with the engineer.

If they leave your company within 3 months after signing the contract, for whatever reason, we'll refund you the full amount you paid, minus the bank fees, or find you a replacement without additional charges. Depending on what you choose.